Operating in Ivory Coast since 1952, SGS is one of the country’s leading providers of inspection, testing, verification and certification services.

Today, around 700 employees located in over 50 branches across Ivory Coast ensure safety, efficiency and quality throughout the entire value chain.

SGS Ivory Coast Facilities

SGS Ivory Coast facilities include:

  • 10 specialized laboratories – including labs for oil and gas, agriculture and food, microbiological, physico-chemical, four on-site minerals Geochem laboratories, one commercial Geochem sample preparation laboratory and one mineral trade laboratory
  • Approximately 50 automotive control centers, including 27 permanent automotive control centers, six of which are in Abidjan, 22 temporary automotive control centers and one mobile automotive control center

SGS Ivory Coast Services

We offer a wide range of inspection, testing, verification and certification services for a wide range of industries, including:

  • Agriculture, food and life: we help you ensure safe sustainable and high-quality products
  • Chemical: achieve innovation, optimization and efficiency for all your products – from raw materials to finished products
  • Construction: we help ensure the safety and performance of the spaces where we live and work
  • Consumer goods and retail: generating trust throughout the supply chain
  • Energy: powering processes from renewables to conventional energy
  • Industrial manufacturing: making manufacturing more productive and profitable
  • Life sciences: safeguarding the quality and efficacy of medicines
  • Mining: delivering effective services to improve speed to market, manage risks and maximize returns
  • Oil and gas: innovative solutions throughout the value chain
  • Public sector: we facilitate international trade and sustainable development
  • Transportation: driving a safer, cleaner and more efficient industry

Experts in Certification, Inspections and Training

We offer a wide range of world-leading certification, inspection and training services, such as:

  • ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 systems certification
  • Aviation sector certification, audits, analyses and inspection
  • Training in various fields

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